Sunday, August 10, 2008


"I'm going through changes." The line from the Black Sabbath song, "Changes" says enough. The song always had a huge impact because of it's relevance to people. Ozzy was singing about a relationship coming to end, but certain lines speak to anyone who is experiencing something different going on in their lives, which would include the general population of the planet earth.

Is change good? Bad? Changes happen daily and they strike each and every end of the spectrum. There is changes we make and decisions that are made for us that evoke change. No matter what the source of the difference is, there is a constant fluctuation of good change and bad change.

Waking up every day to a breakfast of Barley Soup (beer a.k.a. a cold one) and then spending the day in a world of alcohol consumption isn't exactly the best lifestyle choice. If somebody was caught up in this world and was able to break free and take a different path, this a good change.

If you stand at a cemetery and look down at the casket being lowered into the hole in the earth wondering how you will continue to live your life without that special person, then you would be aware of this being a change for the worse.

Bravo to me for being able to state the obvious, but sometimes a change for the good can easily turn into a change for the bad. Hopes, dreams and aspirations that feel within grasp can easily be taken away, ripped from your hands, and leaving one walking a completely different path. Or this is the situation where one would think everything is making a change for the worse with the world crashing down around them, but the void leaves an open door for unexpected opportunity.

Change is the mighty hurricane reaching the coastal regions and smashing across the land leaving a path of destruction. It is unpredictable and unstoppable. No matter how hard somebody tries nothing ever the same. Destiny is debatable, fate is questionable, but change is one of the only things in life that is guaranteed.

Change is necessary. It causes growth. It teaches and even though sometimes it can hurt, it can also heal. Picture a world where everything stayed the same forever. If you were happy when things stayed the same forever, you would be happy forever. How about the person who is sad in a world where change doesn't exist? What about the person in pain in a world where change doesn't exist?

It's all in how we deal with what happens accepting change when it does occur and looking for the "light in the darkness" when things do take a change for the worse. The most important to remember about negative change is the possibility of a positive change can always be right around the next corner.

See you around the corner;
Corey J. McKenzie

Note - I'd like to thank Nadine Ryan Botham who suggested today's topic be "Change." If anyone else has a topic suggestion, let me know.


yaqoob said...

very good contents. keep it up.

L.J. Sellers said...

Some changes are hard to put a positive spin on (like the death of sister), but you're right about most changes. They are an opportunity to move in a new and better direction . . . if you have the courage.
Nice post.