Friday, August 8, 2008


This is just a brief introduction. As a writer and first-time novelist the urge to take letters, arrange them into words and let the world know what I have to say just comes natural. Where is this blog going? I haven't gotten that far yet. I think I may re-post some previous entries from other failed attempts at blog(gery) and maybe post some of my favorite poems. I guess anything else will just be an insight on what makes Corey J. McKenzie, Corey J. McKenzie.

You will be bound to get some laughs along the way, maybe even a few tears, but I am making an honest attempt to keep this shit unique and with hints of my own personal flavor. When craziness strikes, you know where to find me. Right fucking here, telling you all about. Oh ya, I do occasionally let some vulgar or profane shit slip out. So you've been warned.

Til next time;

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